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Butch riding the Zamboni at the Minnesota Wild NHL hockey game in St. Paul. On Feb 7, we went to the Minnesota group's SCA/AED Awareness Night at the Minnesota Wild NHL hockey game in St. Paul. ew haf 6-7 talbes set up in the arena and demonstrated the AED to the fans. Another Survivor and I got to ride the Zamboni in front of 18,000 people, Gene Johnson got to yell the "Let's Play Hockey" at the start fo the game (it's hockey's version of throwing out the first pitch) and Gene and two others shot pucks into the goal to win $5,000.00 for the group. There were about 50 Survivors, family, rescuers, EMS people, and Medtronic people there--- I think eight of us were survivors.
Butch Gibbs Butch grew up and continues to live in the south central Iowa town of Humeston (pop.543). Since 1988, he has been employed as a Dispatcher/Jailer for the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office in Corydon. Susie is an Emergency Room Nurse at the Lucas County Health Center in Chariton. Butch & Susie are both American Heart Association-certified CPR Instructors and are active in promoting the importance of CPR and AEDs so others may become survivors of Sudden Cardiac Arrest also.


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